The Alienation vol. 2: MEGALOPSY

  From until   Tickets 8€   Age limit: 18  
Radisson SAS Night, Oulu  
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MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma, ARG)
Psydog (Pug / Alienation, FIN)
NextAce (Absinth, FIN)


Megalopsy is filtr0 and z1p, a psychedelic exploration born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002, focused on creating musical potions designed to waken the user into awareness. Combining influences from life, nature, travels in inner and outer space, Megalopsy uses music as a tool to shape and enhance perception, exploring a wide spectrum of sound dimensions, materializing them in a psychedelic audible format, suitable for dancefloors and home-listening.

Their style is unique and powerful, very easy to recognize in their productions and live performances taking its listeners to a deep psychedelic journey where other dimensions are unfolded and new realities are explored. After their debut album, The Abstract Machine, released by Trishula Records in 2005, they have opened their way in the local and international scene, proving the potential of the Latin American and Argentinian psychedelic trance. They have also released tracks in labels such as Psylife, Mass Abduction and Amaris.

Warm-Up by: Psydog (Pug / Alienation, FIN) & NextAce (Absinth, FIN)

Laser Attack by: Warp Gate

Decorations: Designed by Neil Gibson

Extra sound, lights, screens, LJ & VJ by: Audio Visuals

co-operation with POTB