Aura Of Goa (Goa1Y), with Space Buddha (Israel), Vibrasphere (Sw

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Helsinki Club, Helsinki  
, breaks, chill, elektro, hard, house, psy, techno, trance, jotain

Space Buddha Live (Israel)
Vibrasphere Chillout Live (Sweden)
Vibrasphere Live (Sweden)
Vishnudata Live (Space Boogie)
Haltya Live (Exogenic)
Lemon Slide Live (Freakdance)
Rasmus Hedlund Live (Resopal)
Space Buddha DJ-set
Aegonox (Goa, Entropy)
Indigo (Sininen)
Grin (Deepscan)
Node (Deepscan)
Soma (Exogenic)
Shishya (Sunstation, Organigato)
Inkeri Tähti (Exogenic)

We are very proud to present you very special and one of the best events of the year. Legendary Space Buddha will rise on stage for the first time in Finland for special album release live set. In addition we have the famous Vibrasphere from Sweden doing their first chill-out live performance in Finland and also a traditional live performance. The event is part of Space Buddha No Shields album release tour.

Decorations by Flowers of Life and Synchronometrica.

Barely Legal soundsystem.

Visuals by VJ Metamystik.

PRESALE TICKET SALES HAS STARTED. We recommend you to buy your ticket early.

Price: presale ticket 18eur+fees, 22eur from door. Presale tickets can be bought from Tiketti, Streetbeat, Cybershop Kamppi and Asematunneli.

Age limit: K18 with presale ticket, K20 from door.

(only first 500 presale tickets are 18eur, after they are sold out, the rest of presale tickets will be 20eur, so buy your ticket early).

ENNAKKOLIPPUJEN MYYNTI ON KÄYNNISSÄ. Suosittelemme lipun ostamista ajoissa.

Ikäraja on ennakkolipulla K18, ovelta K20.

Line-up in detail:

Afterparty @ Rose Garden:
Tom Cosm Live (New Zealand)
Miazu B2B Polly (People of Butterflies)
Indigo (Sininen)
Paul Easy (Clinic)
Puistokemisti (Equinox, HSS Recordings), goa-set
Docius (HYTKY, Viidakkorumpu)

Warm-up session, WE 27.8. @ Bar Loop
Hookah (Entropy)
Kolibriscope (Nectarium, Organigato)
Sokk (Entropy)

More warm-up, FR 29.8 17-20 @ Restaurant Memphis
Soma (Exogenic)
Inkeri Tähti (Exogenic)
Shishya (Sunstation, Organigato)

Progressive/Full-On Stage:
Space Buddha Live (Israel)
Vibrasphere Chillout Live (Sweden)
Vibrasphere Live (Sweden)
Vishnudata Live (Space Boogie)
Space Buddha DJ-set
Aegonox (Goa)
Indigo (Sininen)

Suomisoundi/Minimal Stage:
Haltya Live (Exogenic)
Rasmus Hedlund Live (Resopal)
Lemon Slide Live (Freakdance)
Grin (Deepscan)
Node (Deepscan)

Upstairs the party venue is a hotel (Sokos Hotel Helsinki). Rooms are located near the venue and it is easy to move from hotel to the party and back.

Hotel homepage is here:

Prelimimary Time Tables:

Space Stage:
20.00 - 21.00 Indigo
21.00 - 22.00 Vibrasphere chill-out Live
22.00 - 23.00 Vishnudata Live
23.00 - 00.30 Vibrasphere Live
00.30 - 01.30 Aegonox
01.30 - 02.50 Space Buddha Live
02.50 - 03.30 Space Buddha DJ-set

Suomi Stage:
22.00 - 00.00 Node B2B Grin
00.00 - 01.10 Lemon Slide Live
01.10 - 02.20 Rasmus Hedlund Live
02.20 - 03.30 Haltya Live

Warm-up @ Memphis:
17.00 - 18.00 Soma
18.00 - 19.00 Shishya
19.00 - 20.00 Inkeri Tähti

05.00 - 06.15 Miazu B2B Polly
06.15 - 07.30 Indigo
07.30 - 08.30 Tom Cosm Live
08.30 - 09.45 Paul Easy
09.45 - 10.45 Docius
10.45 - 12.00 Puistokemisti (goa trance set!)

Pre-warm up. 27.8 @ Bar Loop:
20.00 - 21.00 Idi B2B Kolibriscope
21.00 - 22.30 Sokk
22.30 - 00.00 Hookah
00.00 - 01.30 Idi B2B Kolibriscope

Live Acts:

Space Buddha:




Lemon Slide:

Rasmus Hedlund:

Here is comments (finnish) of our last big event:

"parhaimmat bileet evö! *aplodit* pelkkää tanssimista koko bileiden ajan, edes vessaan kerenny kertaakaan.. pari kertaa joutu istahtaa pöydälle ku jalat oli niin tulessa *plur*"

"Joo ei voi kertakaikkiaan sanoa mitään pahaa, oli parasta koskaan"

"Oli kyl pitkästä aikaa kunnon kemut mis pääs liekittää TÄYSII.. *plur*"

"Ei vitsi...mä olen vieläkin niin onnessani näistä! Kiitos *sydän*"

"kyl nyt oli niin mukavaa pippaloissa että huh huh *tirsk*"

"tanssin niin paljon että tais entiset ennätykset paukkua *hihu*"

"Iiiiihanaa!!! *sydän* Joo oli kyllä varmaan vuoden parhaat pippaloiset. Tuli tanssittuu useamman tunnin ja se kyllä tuntuu myös jaloissa nyt *auts* Mut lisää tämmösiä kitoos!"

"Vuoden paras bilekeikka ehdottomasti = en meinannut jaksaa kaasua painaa Naantaliin asti vielä tänäänkään :D"

"Oli erittäin hyvät bileet"

"kiitos kaikille!"

Here is some information of Space Buddha and Vibrasphere:

Space Buddha:

Space Buddha is Eliad Grundland (born in 1972), this project was created in the year 1997 & since then had released six powerful albums. During the years Space Buddha created an active portal to the Goa Full-on dancefloor reality. Space Buddha had visited every continent of our planet while touring with his music & had participated in many unforgettable festivals worldwide. The Space Buddha intensive drive nature, super high energy sound, massive fireback & Goa atmosphere will shake, blast, twist & pump every molecule of your body & mind. Space Buddha project is well known with its unique interpretations as its setting new standards & limits to the Psy trance scene. The new & 6th Space Buddha album "Full Circle" (August 2006) is full of surprises & unforgettable tunes. The style is full on goa, as its his trademark. Since Space Buddha's main goal in music is the dancefloors expiriences, his style is powerful & mind-blowing blast. The new album is super progressed in its techniques & sound.


For close to a decade, Swedish duo Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster (better known to the world as Vibrasphere) have been pumping out tracks from their Cloud 99 Studios. With over a 100 released productions to their name and gigs in all parts of the globe, they are without a doubt one of the most sought-after and respected trance acts in the world today. Early releases “Echo” (2001) on Spiral Trax & “Lime Structure” (2003) on Digital Structures established them as truly leading figures of the progressive trance scene, earning them a place in the history of this progressive sound. Their 3rd Album, “Archipelago” (also on Digital Structures) was regarded as one of the seminal releases of 2006 and after their short break in 2005, firmly signally Vibrasphere were back on the scene. In late 2006, the single “Floating Free” was picked up by Superstar DJs Markus Shulz & Armin Van Buuren for their radio shows, resulting in a string of licenses including Gatecrasher Live on Ministry of Sound and Armada Trance Vol. 1. Strong support from DJs Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Oakenfold, Christopher Lawrence, Remy, Menno de Jong, Kenneth Thomas and John 00 Fleming has helped with making a successful transition to a wider audience and a whole new generation of Vibrasphere fans. Riding on the back of their successful 2006 release Archipelago (and its subsequent remix cd), Vibrasphere again promises a strong showing in ’07 with their 4th full length studio album, “Exploring the Tributaries” this time on Tribal Vision Records. Showcasing a slightly different side of the duo’s productions, “Exploring the Tributaries” will be a bit more experimental in nature, incorporating sounds from a wide range of styles including club influenced progressive, electro-minimal & downbeat-chill. Rickard & Robert have put to good use their years of studio experience in creating a sound that will be both timeless and contemporary - a true look into the musical minds of some of progressive music's pioneering acts.

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