A Deepscan & Local Underground Joint Venture: Lützenkirchen [Gre

  From until   Tickets 8€   Age limit: 20  
rose garden, Helsinki  
elektro, house, techno

Lützenkirchen [ Great Stuff, Platform B, Germany ]

Grin & Node [ Deepscan ]
Kaiu & Sakura [ Local Underground ]

After the last successful party with John Dahlbäck, Deepscan
and Local Underground are proud to present the next big thing..


LÜTZENKIRCHEN (Great Stuff, Platform B, Germany)

Tobias Lützenkirchen is best described as THE rising star of today's techno scene. For some years now his productions and remixes on Great Stuff Recordings and Craft Music, to name a few labels, have risen to become a standard in state of the art modern electronic dance music. In the past people often noticed tracks credited in one way or another to Lützenkirchen, even if the wasn't explicitly on the front cover. He has remixed tracks for artists like Coburn (Beatport chart #1), John Digweed, Yello and Meat Katie. Furthermore, he has combined his studio equipment with electro veteran Tomcraft, engineering allTomcraft tracks & remixes for some time now.

Working for years with the big names in the electronic music scene (for example Ramon Zenker b]Hardfloor[/b) and co-producing/co-writing several chart-hits, the time had come for him to focus on his own production which is nothing short of brilliant. His energetic and groovy flavor of techno has conquered dancefloors ever since.

Since Lützenkirchen started spinning the decks he has played all over the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Middle and South America, Scandinavia, The UK, across whole Europe, the eastern countries and Russia. Now also Finland has the priviledge of experiencing Lützenkirchen first hand.

Unnecessary labeling aside, the bottom line is: Tobias Lützenkirchen is straight up techno from the bottom of his heart!

As usual, the maestro of the evening will be accompanied by yours truly: DJs Node, Grin, Kaiu and Sakura.

Check out two excellent mixes by Lützenkirchen:
Platform B Label Showcase Mix 01/2008
Productions & Remixes Mix 01/2008