From until   Tickets 6€   Age limit: 18  
Bar Stella, Meriniemi, Kotka  
elektro, house, trance

Kimmo Kauppinen (K-System)
Putte (techmu)
Holle (Lighthouse resident)

The Keeper of the Lighthouse was happy.
The friendly port of house, techno & trance
had been filled once again
with clubbers from all over Kotka.

When the keeper saw Old-timers dancing
to the beats of the underground
and joyful faces of other clubbers,
he knew that everything was in order.

Today The Keeper has got a message
from Travelling missionaries
who has planned to visit The Lighthouse.

Kimmo Kauppnen is going to preach
the joyful message of electro, house and trance.
Missionaries from Techmu, Putte,
will be preacing more progressively!
The Keeper of the Lighthouse will entertain you
with the most melodiest anthem trance tunes!

L i g h t h o u s e

:: Place [pieni]Meriniemi (Bar Stella)[/pieni]
:: Date [pieni]5th of January 2008[/pieni]
:: Time [pieni]21:00 - 04:00[/pieni]
:: Prize [pieni]6 EUR (Incl. service)[/pieni]

Missionaries from far far away

:: Kimmo Kauppinen [pieni]

Kimmo Kauppinen, a Finnish DJ/producer, started a
project called K-SYSTEM in 1999. Although young,
Kimmo is truly a seasoned dance-music professional
both in his live performance and his songwriting abilities:
Kimmo has been DJing since the age of 13, developing
and working on his own style and material along the way.

:: Putte

Progressive house workes as a playground to which Putte
blendes trance and house. Sometimes he might even give
the audience some tech house and breaks candy! Groovy,
melodic and sometimes even old time classics!

:: Holle

Holles sets has always been filled with beautiful melodies
and a lot of good vibrations bringing joy in clubbers faces.
He will be walking this path again, so beware of dose of
extreme happiness!

Lighthouse maintenance crew:

:: Silto [pieni]
(Lights and lenses)

After the days of Club Target, Subsidiary and Beyond
The Terminal, Silto has been attached to the Lighthouse-
crew for good. He is the main engineer of Lighthouses
lens & light equipment.

His way of lightening the path with interpretating music
with Lights & colors is one of it's kind in the eastern parts
of Finland.

:: HAD Audio
[pieni](Incom & speaker systems)

HAD Audio's sound has never been blamed of sounding
harsh or unnatural. HAD's way of manufacturing speakers
is to make them sound as natural and easy as possible.
It was the perfect choise for Lighthouse.

HAD Audio delivers the speaker systems to all Lighthouse-

:: SESSIONS2[pieni]
(Event Photography)

SESSIONS2 is event photography team which covers
almost every major event in Finland. They have been
photographing club culture abroad in a places like Japan
and Ibiza.

From SESSIONS2 photographers, we will be using the
same fellow who is the apprentice of the Lighthouse
Keeper, Karo Holmberg.[/pieni]