From until   Age limit: 18  
YO-talo, Tampere  
elektro, hard, house, psy, techno, trance

--- JUSTINO ( DJ's United, Illegal Vibes, NL )

--- GARBO ( Storm - "Best Large Club" winner at HDA 2006 , UK )

--- SERGEI SHKUROFF ( Five AM records, Madwave - FIN )

--- NEON ( Säde - FIN )

--- SASHA F ( United DJs, Overlord records - FIN )

--- JOONAS HAHMO ( Anjunabeats, AVA records - FIN )

--- MEKE ( Digitally Imported - FIN )

--- PLACIQ ( Future Floorfiller - FIN )

--- CANYINI ( Future Floorfiller - FIN )

--- LJ PARKER KANE ( Vizual Freekz - FIN )

Additional sound system and lights by Jamboree
Decorations by Madwave

Timetables :

Main floor :

21:00 - 22:45 - Meke
22:45 - 00:00 - Sasha F
00:00 - 01:15 - Garbo
01:15 - 02:30 - Justino
02:30 - 03:30 - Neon

Lounge :

21:00 - 23:00 - Placiq
23:00 - 01:00 - Joonas Hahmo
01:00 - 02:30 - Sergei Shkuroff
02:30 - 03:30 - Canyini

JUSTINO (DJs United, Illegal Vibes - NL)

Due to his fast growing interest in electronic dance music Justino aka Tino Schurer started playing records in 1992.
Justino was and is always on the lookout for new sounds as long as they are hard and strong bass-driven. And when new styles evolved within the dance-scene he was not afraid to experiment with them, but always with the harder sounds in mind. This resulted in his own unique style of “Hard-dance”, a mix of pounding Hardstyle, Techno and Hardhouse.
With his “new” style Justino got a lot of bookings in the bigger clubs in Germany, such as
New World Centre (Kleve), Zak (Ulsen) Empire Plaza (Wezel) and many more. He played in Germany whith names like: Kay Tracid, Melanie di Tria, Gary D, Technoboy, Isaac and the Prophet to name a few.
Known for his enthusiasm behind the decks combined with his pumping and uplifting sounds he really keeps the party going. He loves to play with the public and is always looking for interaction with the crowd.
Because of the popularity of his sound, especially in the North of the Netherlands, and his enthusiasm he played on parties in Leeuwarden, Groningen, Drachten, Sneek, Coevorden and more. But his DJ-carrier got a real boost from the moment he started in “97 the Dark Forces party organisation (now called Forces of Dance). Results were bookings for parties like Qlub Tempo (Zaandam), Hardhouse Generators (Germany), Play 2 (Ibiza) and one of the Highlights of his carrier so far, Nature One 2004 and 2005.(Germany), where Justino played for over than 130 000 clubbers.
His newest career move was the start of the record label ”OVERLORD RECORDS”. His newest tracks will be released on it. Justino's first release ”Along with the melody” has great response from all big names in industry already.
His style nowadays depends on what gig he is playing, but is in general a divine mix of Hardtrance, Harddance and Techno. With his favourite tools, 3 decks and the DJM 600, he will rock the place four sure!!!!

GARBO (Storm - UK)

Garbo started DJing only five years ago when he purchased his first pair of decks in 2002. In past 5 years this extremely talented DJ gained enormous popularity in UK, with residency at renowned UK superclub Storm and monthly residency at exclusive electro night funk-deluxe @ The Pelham’s in Nottingham.
Garbo is the main resident DJ of one of the countries most respected and elite nights – Storm. Storm is well in to its 6th year, but it has been the last 18 months that has seen it grow into one of the most established nights in the UK and now the dominant night at its legendary venue in Coalville – The Emporium. Storm is now taking its party atmosphere up and down the British Isles with tour party’s ranging from Wildchild in London to dates set at Ibiza mega club Space, putting Garbo firmly on the map as a force not to be reckoned with.
In the 5 years that Garbo has been DJing, he became regular guest at the following nights around the UK:

Storm – Coalville
Frantic - London
Goodgreef – Manchester, Leeds
Sundissential – Birmingham
Wildchild – London, Swindon, Oxford
Frisky – Northampton
Passion - Coalville
CyberKitten – Nothampton, Milton Keynes
Bring Back The Bounce – Birmingham
Hotdog – Nottingham

Since DJing at some of the UK’s biggest and finest clubs, it has meant that Garbo is certainly no stranger to playing alongside some of Hard Dances biggest DJ’s in the world, such as Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Andy Farley, BK, Tidy Boys, Lab 4, Lisa Pin Up, Mark E.G, Rob Tissera, Karim, Ilogik, K90, Ian M, Nick Sentience, Paul Glazby, Justin Bourne, and Yoji Biomahanika to name but a few.

NEON ( Säde - FIN )

Already a living legend in Finnish clubbing scene, DJ Neon is known for his famous "In Hard Trance We Trust"- mix-CD's and for being an integral part of Helsinki's no:1 hard dance organization - Säde. DJ Neon's fierce stageshow certainly stands the comparison to Proteus who also is a resident DJ for Säde. In fact, rumours tell that some people have seen Neon fly on stage... Come and try to
find out if its true! Anyhow, we suggest you better be well prepared, since DJ Neon will squeeze you til' you drop!


Meet Joonas Hahmo - a vibrant, dynamic Finnish producer & DJ, who, despite aged just 23, has a wealth of experience and an enviable track record.
With a strong emphasis on groovy beats and inspiration drawn from the 70s and 80s, Joonas has a highly unique sound, best described as electro trance with an adopted house flavour.
However, it's not just in the world of electronic dance music that Joonas has been largely successful; his dynamic nature has also seen him compose and produce a platinum selling pop album within his homeland.
Past productions have been readily snapped up by numerous stand out labels, including Anjunabeats, AVA Recordings, Lost Language, Drizzly and Avex, while also gaining worldwide recognition and support from the likes of Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten.
As a DJ, Joonas Hahmo played at such modest events as Love Parade 2006 ( 1 200 000 ppl ), Ruhr In Love ( 25000 ppl ), Pacifique, Hallmark and Laserpoint just to name a few.

SASHA F ( DJs United, Overlord records - FIN )

Biography: Sasha F is still only 29 but in his 11 years as a
professional DJ he has shown a talent that has seen him DJ
around the world as well as in his homeland Finland. He is now
one of the wanted Hard Dance DJs from Finland. With a combination
of superb technical mixing and a raw hard sound, normally
Hardstyle / Hard Trance, he leaves each crowd begging for more.

His DJ skills have been showcased throughout Finland where he,
alongside other top Finnish DJs like Proteus and Gary B, usually
headlines the big gigs and he has residencies for both Fantasy and
Millennium, two of Finlands biggest regular parties. Besides that he
played at all the big tour nights of clubs such as Gatecrasher,
Sundissential and Nukleuz when they have toured in Finland.

Sasha F also plays on a regular base in Russia, Estonia, Thailand at
the famous Full Moon parties, England at clubs such as Headcharge,
Riff Raff, Pickle, Kaned, Aura Orange, Logic, Escape From Samsara and
Gods Kitchen, Germany at the Bridge and The Netherlands at the
Illegal Vibes parties as well in Italy at Insound and Love Parade 2006.

He was also one of only four DJs that was part of the Invasion Tour 2003
in America doing 20 gigs in 40 nights, coast to coast.

He also has done well in the studio, producing tracks such as:
- "Kong" - Aztec Records
- "The Mentall EP" - DP Records
- "The Finland EP" - Efadrine Records
- "Haulikko" - Bass City Records
- "From Hell EP" - on Dean Facers new label Reflective Records.
- "Sasha F vs Justino - Along with the melody" Overlord Records

Sasha F played alongside side some of the worlds best DJs including:
Andy Farley, BK, Dean Facer, Oberon, Captain Tinrib, Lady Dana,
Chris Liberator, Dan Baseley, Paul Glazby, John 00 Fleming, Kai Traccid,
Sol Ray, Lisa Lashes, The Knuckleheadz, Chris C, AJ Gibson, Sarah G,
Nick Sentience and LAB 4, Zany, Deepack, Prophet and Pila to name a few.

And finally if you are into Techno, Sasha F is a true technical wizard on
three decks and FX playing Techno and won a recent play off between
DJs from both Sweden and Finland. He is certainly a DJ to look out for!

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