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#1 • • Luppis Primus Lapsorum
Paremman(?) tekemisen puutteessa käänsin Desenchanteen sanoituksen ymmärrettävämpään muotoon.
Kuka väitti, että Ranskankielisestä koulusta ei ole hyötyä *hih*
Kyseessä ei kuitenkaan ole suora sanasta sanaan käännös, vaan pikemmin se mitä biisissä yritetään sanoa.

Syvällistä tavaraa.

Kate Ryan:

Nager dans les eaux troubles
Des lendemains
Attendre ici la fin
Flotter dans l\'air trop lourd
Du presque rien
A qui tendre la main
Si je dois tomber de haut
Que ma chute soit lente
Je n\'ai trouvé de repos
Que dans l\'indifférence
Pourtant, je voudrais retrouver l\'innocence
Mais rien n\'a de sens, et rien ne va

Tout est chaos
A côté
Tous mes idéaux: des mots
Je cherche une âme, qui
Pourra m\'aider
Je suis
D\'une génération désenchantée,

Qui pourrait m\'empêcher
De tout entendre
Quand la raison s\'effondre
A quel sein se vouer
Qui peut prétendre
Nous bercer dans son ventre

Si la mort est une mystère
La vie n\'a rien de tendre
Si le ciel a un enfer
Le ciel peut bien m\'attendre
Dis moi,
Dans ces vents contraires comment s\'y prendre
Plus rien n\'a de sens, plus rien ne va



Swimming in noisy waters
Of the coming days
Waiting here for the end
Floating in too heavy air
Of almost nothing
Who would hold my hand
If I have to fall from too high
I hope my fall to be slow
I haven\'t found any rest
Other than in negligence
Sometimes, I\'d like to rediscover innocence
But nothing makes sense and nothing ever will

Everything is chaotic
At the edge
All my ideas, my words
I\'m cherching for a soul who
could help me
I\'m a part of
a disillusioned (katkera) generation

Who could stop me
from hearing everything
When reason collapses
Whose chest to press against
Who can pretend
to rock us to sleep in her womb

If death is a mystery
Live has nothing to give
If heaven has a hell
Heaven can wait for me
Tell me
In these opposite winds
How can one break out
And nothing makes sense, and nothing ever will


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#2 • • ezzy Droid-pappa
English translation of “Disenchanted” by Mylene Farmer/Laurent Boutonnat

Translation help from Ibrahim Amidou of the University of Cincinnati, USA

To swim in troubled waters
for days,
To wait here for the end.
To float in air, too heavy
from almost nothing.
To whom to reach out a hand?

If I must fall from high,
May my fall be gentle.
I found rest only in indifference.
Still, I would like to find innocence again,
But nothing makes sense and nothing goes right.

Chorus: All is Chaos,
On all sides,
All my ideals; the words overwhelmed,
I look for a soul who is able to help me.
I am of a disenchanted generation. Disenchanted.

2. Who could prevent me from
understanding all?
When reason collapses,
To what womb should we turn to?
Who can pretend,
To rock us in her womb.

If death is a mystery,
Life offers nothing.
If the sky has a hell,
The heaven can well wait for me.
Tell me,
In these adverse winds how do you save yourself ?
Nothing else makes sense, nothing else goes right.

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