14/11 State Of Mind (NZ) : Raveconnection Night @ Club Poseidon ( Tallinn, Estonia. )

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Line up:

State of Mind (New Zealand)

Alpine dub
Mad Madis

Club Poisedon ( Mere pst. 20 )
Tickets: 5-10 € ( from 1 november at www.piletilevi.ee or at the door )
FB link ---> https://www.facebook.com/events/694164667357715

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, State of Mind are the duo of Stu Maxwell and Patrick Hawkins. Beginning their careers in 2004 SOM have become notoriously prolific producers with releases on a broad spectrum of labels throughout the dnb scene. Material can be found on the shelves via Total Science's CIA Recordings, Teebee's Subtitles Records, Friction's Shogun Audio, Futurebound's Viper label, Doc Scott's 31 Records, Concord Dawn's Uprising imprint, Bad Company, BSE & Obsessions, and more. They released their first full CD 'Take Control' on Uprising Records in 2006, an album that garnered them the publicly voted award of 'Breakthrough Artists of the year' on the B-Net radio network in NZ, and a nomination for a prestigious NZ Music Award. In March 2009 they released their second LP, 'Faster than Light' on their own label SOM Music. To date SOM Music has released artists such as Black Sun Empire, Axiom, Chris Su, Mindscape, Dose and more. Their third album called Nil By Ear is due for global release in April 2011. State Of Mind are also the former hosts of the hugely popular international 'Next Level' 95BFM drum n bass show. The show has now been relaunched in monthly podcast format due to popular demand.

Nil by Ear is Sate of Mind's third studio album, the first two being Take Control (Uprising) & Faster than Light (SOM). This album represents the peak so far of the lads technical skills, its carefully produced from start to finish. Tracks are frequently tied together, and a lot of thought has gone into the flow of the album. This is one that can be listened too from beginning to end, as opposed to a collection of singles. However that doesn't mean that State of Mind have forgotten about the 3am raver. Almost all of the tracks have all been smashing it up world wide over the last 6 months in their own right.
Collaboration wise, the album features several of NZ's most talented vocalists including Shapeshifter's P.Digsss, Thomas Oliver, Sacha Vee, Mc Woody & PNC, as well as American singer 3pm. The only production collaborators are Nymfo and DNME. Several other collaborations were planned for the LP, but in the end were unable to fit. These were released as bonus tracks.
Nil by Ear was released on April 11 2011, through ST Holdings and RM. There will be strictly limited number of CD/EP shrink-wrap bundles, and a follow up EP including some remixes and some more album cuts.
2013 sees them with new tunes and the completion of their new album.