February 2007


By sapeli, Thursday 8.2.2007

... on vähän unirytmihäiriöitä liikenteessä *hmph*

Normaalin ihmisen unirytmi kahden vuorokauden ajalta:


Meikäläisen unirytmi viimeisen kahden vuorokauden ajalta:


Z = tunti unta
O = tunti hereillä
, = puolipäivä
/ = keskiyö

New Thought

By sapeli, Friday 2.2.2007

Näköjään se uskonnollinen suuntaus joka on lähinnä omaani on nk. "New Thought". Testissä 100% match, tasakakkosina mahayana buddhism ja unitarian universalism.

# New Thought

An umbrella term for diverse beliefs that emphasize experiencing God's presence for practical purposes, such as healing and success. Examples include Unity, Religious Science, and Divine Science Belief in Deity: There exists one God -- Universal Mind, creative intelligence, omnipresent --- principle (not a being), impersonal force which manifests itself personally, perfectly, and equally within all.

# Incarnations: No particular incarnations, as God is within all equally. Some believe Jesus was exemplary of someone who fully realized his divine nature, and therefore is the “wayshower” (shows the way).

# Origins of universe/life: The universe and all within it are expressions of God - the creative intelligence - with no beginning and no end.

# After death: Some believe in continual rebirth as a gift from God so that all may become immortal, as was Jesus Christ, with each lifetime a preparation for the next. Others believe the individual soul merges with the universal spirit after death.

# Why evil? No original sin and no Satan and no evil. People make “mistakes” due to ignorance of one's true nature as Perfect Mind and Love, which is God.

# Salvation: Salvation lies in the realization of oneness with the impersonal life force, thus unlocking one’s healing potential. Licensed practitioners counsel on spiritual healing for problems of the mind, body, and life. Some believe Jesus is the “wayshower” to salvation. Some believe that all, regardless of actions, will be saved by the grace of a loving and forgiving God. Most believe that spiritual awareness of God’s omnipresence, that God is all and all are God, leads to personal and humanity’s salvation. Many believe that repeated reincarnations are God’s gift, each lifetime a preparation for the next, until “perfection” is reached, which is God.

# Undeserved suffering: Suffering results from ignorance of one's true nature as Perfect Mind and ceases with complete realization that we all are one with God, the Universal Mind. One can heal personal suffering through New Thought practices, often with the assistance of New Thought practitioners.

# Contemporary Issues: There is no official doctrine on abortion; therefore, abortion is not condemned.

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