Club: Hard Halloween - Kasumisu, Waily, Katvyl, Cake, VJ Random Doctors

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↳HARD HALLOWEEN: Kasumisu, Waily, Katvyl, Cake, VJ Random Doctors


🎃 We brought together the most interesting artist for the hardest event at Halloween weekend. Dedicated the most hardest music and brave costumes!


In honor of the spooky Halloween season, we will reward the best dressers with tasty prizes. ✨🏆

The optional costume can be for example themed Halloween horror, oldscool raver, 90’s hakken dancer or a showy Burning Man outfit, or whatever you feel like wearing.

Dressing with a costume for the event is not obligatory.

VJ: Random Doctors

🎃 30.10. 22-04.30
Merikerho club space
Tickets 12€
Security fee 3.50€

#techno #hardtechno #rave #gabber #hardcore #hardstyle #industrial #breaks


✖︎ Entrance with an EU corona certificate and a valid picture ID only.

✖︎ Obtain your own pass from - also EU corona passes apply.

✖︎ When you arrive, have your ID and Corona Certificate ready.

✖︎ Please open the pass on the mobile, zoom in to the QR code, add brightness

✖︎ If your PDF is inside the Apple Wallet, you must open the PDF outside of that.If you log in to, export the pass as a PDF before arrival to the venue.

✖︎ We scan the QR code. If it shows Green and the name matches your ID, you are welcome to enter.

✖︎ If the Corona certificate reader shows red colour, or you do not have your ID with you, unfortunately no entrance this time.

✖︎ Info in English:

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