Rumble In the Jungle

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Rumble in the jungle
8.2. Lions will roar loud and clear.
House, techno, trance, Organic supersoulfood... Animal instincts, loud noices, joy, happiness and old school PLUR! PPN Helsinki, 4 decades, future classics, Armada Records, Zouk, Tuore events, OF inc...
All you see IS just an Illusion of dream as voodoo drums start to bang and The witchdoctor DJ YUHIS plays with live instruments...

All night banger! Come early, leave late...


WILL DRAGEN, Armada Records 02:30->
DJ YUHIS Organic live (4 decades) 00:30-02:30
DJ IPPE KOO House (PPN Helsinki (4 decades) 22:30-00:30
DJ ANDY CRANE Nu everything 20-22:30 (4 decades)

DJ TASTE, exclusive techno set 02:30->
DJ HC, Techhouse 01-02:30 (4 decades)
DJ WOBASE Techtonic 23-01

20-22 free entrance + cloak fee 3€
22-24 7€ + cloak fee 3€
00-04 12€ + cloak fee 3€

CU <3