Slave pres. Lormes (Fuffzig/Achtzig, Iconyc Noir) Berlin

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After a long reflection, the SLAVE club was born. SLAVE will take you to the journey full of dark progressive house and techno, thru some industrial magic.
No fine lights-no fine decos-just the music-the dj’s and you.

Artists of the Slave:
Lormes (Fuffzig/Achtzig, Iconyc Noir) Berlin, GERMANY
Somerset (Finland)
Zacharias Tiempo (Kontact / 21 / Kittball / Soundteller)

Baari auki 22:00 ->
Klubi 23:00 ->

Liput 22:00-23:00 0,-
Liput 23.00 -> 7,-
Eteispalvelumaksu 22:00 -> 3,-

More info:

Lormes (Fuffzig/Achtzig, Iconyc Noir) Berlin



Twenty One / Tampere

Somerset / Facebook

Zacharias Tiempo / Facebook

Zacharias Tiempo / Soundcloud

Kontact / Kontact