Huom - Keikka Siirtyy! Noisia - Time To Raise Chaos Again!

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Arvon ystävät, meillä on erittäin ikäviä uutisia, Noisian keikka 26. tammikuuta joudutaan siirtämään uuteen ajankohtaan. Siirto johtuu artistin edustajan tekemästä tupla bookkauksesta Englantiin. Olemme yrittäneet etsiä epätoivoisesti ratkaisua tilanteeseen tuloksetta. Ainoa vaihtoehto on siirtää keikka uuteen ajankohtaan. Pahoittelemme syvästi tilannetta. Harmitus on todella suuri ja tilanne hankala. Kyseessä on kuitenkin ymmärtääksemme täysin vahinko artistin edustajan puolelta.


Ennakkolipun ostaneet voivat palauttaa lippunsa ja saavat näin rahansa takaisin tai säästää lipun uuteen tulevaan keikkaan. Palautus tulee tehdä 30 päivän aikana, eli perjantai 15. helmikuuta mennessä. Ticketmasterista ostetut liput tulee palauttaa Ticketmasteriin ja Helsingin Asematunnelin Cybershopista ostetut liput Asematunnelin Cybershoppiin.

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Vapaalippujen arvonnoissa arvotut liput käyvät uuteen keikkaan. Viimeisen eli toisen arvonnan voittajat ovat: Emma Lehto, Markus Naams ja Paju talvilintu.

Pahoittelemme suuresti tilannetta ja ilmoitamme uuden korvaavan keikan heti, kun uusi päivä saadaan sovittua artistin edustajan kanssa.

💛 Harri ja Clublife crew


Clublife presents


26.01.2019 The Circus Helsinki

It's time to raise chaos again! The Kings are back! The best of it's own kind, Noisia - original, emotional, visceral! These are all words that are used to describe Noisia’s music and each is more than justified. The ticket sale starts at on Wednesday 12th December at 09:00!



KIWA - Live




Lights by Simo Rask

Extra lights/gear by Stereo:ID &

Graphical design by Zerathep


Ticket sale starts at on Wednesday 12th December at 09:00!
• Buy tickets here:
• Regular 20e + 2,5e Ticketmaster fee
• VIP 30e + 3e Ticketmaster fee

VIP Ticket includes:
- VIP entrance line
- 2nd floor own VIP area
- 2nd floor bar to use only for VIP persons
- 2nd floor own toilets + smoking room
- 2nd floor views directly to the stage
- 2nd floor access only for VIP persons

Cybershop Asematunneli Helsinki:
• Ticket sale starts on Friday 21.12.18
• Regular tickets 22,5e
• Tasaraha cash only!

The Circus, Salomonkatu 1-3, Helsinki
Date: Saturday 26.01.2019
Doors: 22-04
Age: K18


The Vision: To explore the outer edges and capabilities of electronic musicality without compromise, to turn sound design into an art and aspire to make records that sound like no one or nothing else.

United by a shared passion for progression, technical innovation and ruthless quality control (plus large amounts of gaming, hip-hop and humour) Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger have worked together since leaving school. Within two years of their 2003 debut release they’d already appeared on some of the most agenda-setting labels in drum & bass: Moving Shadow, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, Shogun, Ram and many more. But even then they had no idea how successful their partnership would be.

A decade deeper: From their drum & bass roots they’ve proceeded to stamp all over the musical map to become one of the most established and uncompromised acts in electronic music. From their unique, custom-built floating triple-studio complex in Groningen, they’ve created benchmark productions, established three respected labels (Vision, Division, Invisible), remixed rave titans such as The Prodigy and Skrillex, curated their own Noisia Invites festival and scored games such as Devil May Cry and Counter Strike and music for movies such as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Transformers 3.

To really understand where they’re coming from, what makes them tick and how their unique three-headed machine works visit one of their Noisia Invites shows. A place where the trio hold court, bouncing off the sonic chaos of guests from Gaslamp Killer to Teddy Killerz. Or lock into a Noisia Radio show where each show reflects their humour, the wider and more experimental tastes that they can’t express in their sets.
Crucially, experience Outer Edges: The band’s second album and performance concept, a vast project that sees them exploring the periphery boundaries of their expansive palette, pushing and pulling their vision further than it has previously been. Musically trouncing any typical treatments, arrangements and elements. Visually heightening, physically stimulating, technically unique and immersive in such a way it translates from festival mainstages to underground clubs, Outer Edges is the most defining chapter in the trio’s ambitious vision so far, allowing them to realise their designs in a whole new performance context.

New limits set both in the studio and on stage, the outer edges have been established… Only to reveal even further targets in the vision’s distance. The uncompromised explorations continue.


"Always look on the bright side of life"