Die Selektion, Electroforez (darkwave, synth-pop)

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Die Selektion (DE)
“The new innocence”, DIE SELEKTION’s self description, is the first of many enthralling contradictions raised by the young band. Fast beats, cutting bass lines, bleak and subcooled synth layers, and then - the most unusual instrument for this genre: The trumpet. The plain brilliancy of how this works out leads to one question only: Why has no one done this before?

It doesn’t happen often that a new, young act finds such a good reception like these fledging boys from Southern Germany. Already their very first demos caused a lot of attention and euphoria - a rare achievement in nowadays scene of Dark Electronic music. Ever since “Du Rennst”, their first dancefloor hit in the clubs, DIE SELEKTION is a breath of fresh air in the dusty and often narrow minded world of dark electronic music. Maybe their youth is the secret to their self confidence and fearless approach, they overcame their idols easily and present the best possible emancipation from giant groups like DAF, NITZER EBB or DIE KRUPPS.

Since their formation, DIE SELEKTION gained a lot of reputation with many sold-out releases and numerous live performances all over Europe and Russia. They quickly grew from an insider tip to an alternative act to be reckoned with. After the highly anticipated release of their very first album in 2011, a recent lineup change and their outstanding and grown second album ‘Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt’ - the boys are coming on tour for exclusive shows to present tracks from their current albums and new unreleased material from the upcoming third full-length release.

Электрофорез / Electroforez (RU)

ELECTROFOREZ is an dark-pop duet from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Due to their success, it’s already recognized as one of the leader bands in the Russian alternative music scene. Since its foundation, back in the year 2012 they made it their primary goal not to imitate other bands and to develop their own style.
For this reason, they are constantly experimenting by mixing elements of synth-pop, dance punk, dark wave and techno, these are the genres from which they have taken a large portion of their influences and inspiration. While at the same time they combine very nostalgic post-sovietsounds with contemporary rhythms. Their lyrics tell us about the real Russian culture of today in an eccentric and intriguing way by focusing on common concepts of the daily life experience.

They have shared shows with many other well-known groups and singers of the independent global scene, for example Drab Majesty (US), Black Queen (US), Automelodie (Canada), Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Finland), The Young Gods (Switzerland), Molly Nilsson(Sweden), First Hate (Denmark) and Utro (RUS), The Slaves (UK), Xeno and Oaklender . In addition the track “Всё было так” (Everything was like that) was chosen as the main theme for the movie “Городские птички” (City Birds).

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