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When the little ray of light dances in the air and it's warmth touches your face, that's when you know: this is where you were always meant to be!

So you are at the gas station near Lepakko. It's 5am and someone has a sound system on the ground. You sweat a little but you can´t stop your feet from moving. The whole bunch of random people move to queue in. You feel you are with friends even though most of them are nothing more than familiar faces. But you are on the same mission!

A few hours later. It´s maybe 1pm on a sunday afternoon. You've been up and out bombarding your senses with visual and aural excitement for hours and hours. You feel tired and the talks has been about going home. You lie on a couch at the Tallibaari with people with whom you have made acquaintance through the night. But you are in the same mind set!

Suddenly a sound emerges from the main room. Without any words everybody on the couches jump up, no questions and rush to the dance floor. It may be ”Liberta”, it could be ”Open the Floodgates”, who knows, but it´s the universal language and none of you can resist! YOU ARE ON THE SAME MISSION!

Few years later you are in Nosturi. It´s the new year’s eve. The New Millennium has begun and new ventures. But the feeling is still there. You feel lucky with your tickets but not everyone made it. They still want to be there, some even try to sneak in through the ceiling opening! The sound still binds you. You all feel proud to be part of it!

20 years later Illusions is stronger than ever! It´s the mission, it's the story, it's the people and it´s the sound! It´s the combination of relentless effort and a true vision. But more that that it's the appreciation of you the mover! Your lust for dance, your craving for interaction, the people around you! It´s A F#CKING MISSION AND YOU'RE ON IT!

So what happen next? You arrive, you experience it and you make it good and of course you won’t be alone. There are the ambassadors of sound, the new and the seasoned veterans. They are your friends and they won't disappoint you! There you will join the ambassadors Super8 & Tab, Orion or D.N.A with exceptional selections know what they are about to deliver! Expect a stunning all vinyl classics set from Coma! And the bright future from the fresh faces Efo and Concha!

It may be temporary, it may be an illusion, but it is ILLUSIONS and it´s been 20 years now! Our mission is still going on!


Super8 & Tab (Anjunabeats / Illusions Productions)

D.N.A (Hallmark / Illusions Productions )

Orion (Ylex)

Coma (Pussy)

Efo (Point Break / R3D)

Concha (Patent Skillz / Joiku Musik)

Where: Nosturi - Telakkakatu 8, Helsinki
When: Sunday, 2nd October 2016
Open: from 05:00 am until 12:00 pm
Age limit: 18

Light design by David

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