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chill, drum'n'bass, experimental

Ivah Sound turns five years 24th of January and we invite you to join us in Elmun Baari for a bass heavy celebration! We will string up the full sound system and the musical selection will go from Dub to Jungle in a special Ivah Sound way, with all of our members there providing musical niceness.

Ivah Sound started as a dj collective in the beginning of 2010, setting the foundation for the future to come.
They soon realized the need for their own sound system and they started to build it themselves in a real foundation way. More members joined the ranks and their parties became better known as did the sound system itself.
With time Ivah Sound became Finland's most forward thinking Sound System giving new life to the Finnish Sound System scene, improving and developing it.
During the years the sounds of the collective have developed from Jamaican foundation style reggae to european dub and bass heavy steppa going into electronic music such as jungle, dubstep and drum & bass.
As one of Finland's most bass heavy sound system they have always emphasized the importance of collaborative work. They have done a lot of different projects with the most prominent reggae and bass music artists and promoters in Finland.


JahtafarI is Ivah Sound’s main sound designer.
He has learned a lot during the years that the sound has been running, getting new skills from professionals in all fields of sound design.
He is also a great selector focusing on the mystical side of dub and steppa merging it with different electronic styles, using a lot of effects and sirens to lively up his sets.


Prospero is one of Ivah Sound’s most versatile djs,
playing an array of music from soul and jazz to drum & bass. Together with Trey he performs energetic sets,
full of skilled and well organized djing.
Prospero plays mostly jungle and dnb, but is always keeping it real with the sound system scene and not forgetting its roots in dub and reggae.


Fyah I is Ivah Sound’s singjay and mc.
He’s been performing since a young age and is always developing his energetic style with new knowledge and ideas. With the combination of different chanting styles
and effects a show with Fyah I is always sure to be blazing.


Ras Kurmas is the crews roots man, keeping it true to the sound systems of old. With inspiration from the likes of Jah Shaka and Channel One, his selection is always filled with love and plenty of heavy basslines. Vinyl is his weapon of choice when he goes to beat down babylon.


Trey is a fanatic junglist who loves his music with deep rolling beats and energy. Using the alias Cypha when hosting the parties, he’s known throughout the Finnish drum and bass scene for his hyped up style and fast rhyming. With his roots in Mexico via England he’s been sought in the music culture since a young age.


Autuas keeps an impressive collection of vinyls and has an artillery of heavy secret weapons in his bag.
He likes to keep his sets mystical and dark, but can sometimes surprise with energetic digital rhythm if the time is right; heavy bass guaranteed.


The Sound System is specially designed for the music Ivah Sound loves, bass heavy with a punchy kick and crisp mids & highs. Ivah Sound’s members has built the speaker boxes themselves and chosen the amps and the combination of gear in the best possible way to give an ideal sound. The sound system plays low frequencies most club PA’s don’t even come close to, frequencies unknown to people who have not enjoyed a real sound system. Come and experience the roar of six Rhino Scoops,
tuff kicks, crisp mids & clear highs.

▶ Visuals: Agent & Matlock


Sat 24.01.2015 | 19-04 | Free entry
K18 | Elmun Baari | Telakkakatu 8