Flashback presents: DUNE [Ger // DJ set] "hardcore vibes"

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experimental, hard, oldskool, techno, trance


Flashback presents:

DUNE [Ger]
Producer and founder of the Dune: Oliver Froning - DJ set

Friday 21.11.2014 @ YO-talo, Tampere
K-18, tickets from door: 10 € (+ cloakroom)

Remember these tracks:
Hardcore Vibes, Can´t Stop Raving, Million Miles From Home, Are You Ready To Fly, Rainbow To The Stars, Hand In Hand, Keep The Secret, Electric Heaven...


[Oliver Froning / Germany / DJ set]
”this one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation” set


[Flashback, Sinthetic Records]
90s pop rave / hardtrance set

90s trance set

[Voema, Justice Hardcore] [Harder.fi, Project Badass]
UK happy hardcore set

Dune - Hardcore Vibes

Dune - Can´t Stop Raving

Dune - Million Miles From Home

Dune - Are You Ready To Fly

Dune - Rainbow To The Stars

Dune - Hand In Hand

DUNE [bio]
In 1994 Oliver Froning founds the band DUNE. The sound from DUNE is a mixture of techno, rave and a touch of hardcore. With this sound DUNE had huge worldwide success and received Gold and Platin awards.
With the Hits: "Hardcore Vibes", "I can’t stop raving“, "Million Miles from Home“, “Rainbow to the Stars“, "Hand in Hand“ DUNE wrote music history and been a forerunner and pioneer of a whole new music movement. Even today, the sound fills the dance floors of the clubs and festivals.
DUNE plays this sound all over the world, from Moscow to Sydney, Berlin to Amsterdam and still the crowds are excited about this energetic and rousing sound of the 90’s.

OLIVER FRONING [DJ & producer and founder of Dune]
Oliver Froning was born on July 25th, 1963, in Munster, Germany. His career in music began in 1983, when he got his first job as a Dj. in the club Calypso. In 1984 he had choosen a name for his career, Dj. Raw. He has lived in London (England) for 3,5 years where he was DJ in the club Odeon till 1990 and till 1994 he was a DJ in the club Gogo.However, it wasn't until 1992 that Oliver got his big break!
Together with fellow songwriter Jens Oettrich and music producers Bernd Burhoff & Plutone, Oliver put together the song "Hardcore Vibes" under the name Dune. The song was a huge hit both in the clubs and in the charts where it reached No. 5! Reflecting on the huge success of the first single, Oliver later commented, "We thought we would sell a few copies and that
would be it. It was a different story when it started climbing the charts".
Once Jens stepped down to solely back-stage production, and Verena was hired as
the singer, Oliver became one of the two 'faces' of Dune.

DUNE [history]
In 1995, Jens Oettrich, Bernd Burhoff and Oliver Froning started a techno project which got the name Dune, after the famous movie with the same name. The project was originally ment to be a stand-alone project with the intention of releasing just one single.
But as you all know, today they have had many international hits,
and they have many fans all around the world.
Hardcore Vibes, which was Dune's first single, was a big success on the European dance-floors and on the charts. With their second release,
Are You Ready To Fly?, Verena von Strenge, one of the dancers, where chosen to be the leadsinger for Dune (although she wasn't featured as the vocalist until the third single). Oliver and Verena was now the "face" for Dune, Oliver played the keyboard, and Verena was the singer.
Dune soon released their first album called Dune, which was more of an instrumental album with few vocal apperances. Their third single was called Can't Stop Raving, it was originally an instrumental song on the Dune album, but it was remixed and vocals was added for the release of the single. It was with this single they got their major breakthrough and the single entered the Top 10 in several countries around Europe, for example Germany and Belgium.
Their fourth single was called Rainbow to the Stars, and shortly after that they released their second album called Expedicion. This album was different from the first one, as they now had a female singer and the tracks was now more like fast dance-tracks than techno-tracks. It also included some slower tracks.
Their fifth single Hand in Hand, was a huge success and it found it's way to the top positions of the charts.
Their sixth release Million Miles From Home, was chosen as the official song for the 30th birthday of Star Trek.
They also released their third album called Live!, this album was recorded at a party in Rastatt, Germany on
Verena's 21st birthday.
After that they released a single called Who Want's to Live Forever, and it's a cover of Queens old hit.
The single also contains the Highland Trilogy (One Day In Glencoe, Valley Of Tears, In The Air - Part 2).
In the end of January 1997 they released an album called "Forever",
and it contained covers of famous popsongs and was recorded with
the London Session Orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.
The second single from "Forever" was Sinnead O'Connors hit
"Nothing Compares 2 U" which was followed by "Somebody".
In fall of 1996 Dune announced that their lead singer Verena, was going to leave the band. So in 1997 Verena left the group to puruse her career as a solo artist. She released some singles that went pretty well, for example "Finally Alone" and "Heartbeat".
Verena was replaced by Vanessa Hörster a singer that had previously sung in a coverband, which played songs by artists like Alanis Morissette.
The single "Keep the Secret" was released on April 20, 1998 and it was the first single to feature the new singer. This single was unlike their most recent ones in a more danceable style. "Keep the Secret" was followed by an electro single called "Electric Heaven" which was released on July 6th 1998.
The video for "Electric Heaven" was directed by Eric Will and shoot on the Cote d'Azur in France. The time-travellers Dune, Oliver Froning and Vanessa Hörster, slip back to the eighties where bright, loud colours unite with barren nature to present a strange and mystic atmosphere.
In fall of 1998 Dune was back with a new single. After going electro with "Electric Heaven" they went back to their
classic period. Vanessa can't be heard on the single "One Of Us", but you can hear the London Session Orchestra,
who you could also hear on their "Forever" album!
In August 1998 Dune was going to release the album "5", but since the single "Electric Heaven"and "Keep the Secret"
didn't do that well the release was cancelled.
The fifth album from Dune entitled "Forever and Ever", was released on the 23rd of November 1998.
Again Dune had a new singer: Tina Lacebal. "Forever and Ever" was just like the album "Forever" filled with
covers of famous popsongs and nice pianotracks and once again Dune collaborated with the London Session Orchestra.
So in 1999 Dune went back to their roots with the single "Dark Side of the Moon" which was released on November 1.
With this single Verena also came back as the lead singer. The remixes of "Dark Side of the Moon" was released on November 22.

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