FADE presents DAVID WEST (Antiloop, SWE)

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house, techno

David West (Antiloop, SWE)
Paul Easy (After Hours, Berlin)
Milla Lehto (FADE, Pussy Club)
J. Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki)
Casper (FADE, React^)
Boy Jorge (FADE)

Vj Klaustrofobia


FADE aloittaa vuoden 2011 isosti kahden tapahtuman illalla Coronitassa ja Jenny Woossa.
Samalla juhlitaan FADE:n ensimmäistä synttäriä ja Milla Lehdon liittymistä viralliseksi FADE:n jäseneksi.

Alkuillasta Coronitassa starttaa FADE pre-party klo 19-22 FADE- dj:tten rytmittämänä. Kutsuvieraille lisäksi tarjolla juotavaa ja naposteltavaa.

Ilta jatkuu klo 22 eteenpäin Jenny Woossa jonne FADE tuo tiukkaakin tiukemman line-upin yhteistyössä Misc Managementin kanssa. Main Roomissa headlinerina reilu vuosi sitten Danceteriassa potin räjäyttänyt Ruotsin elektronisen skenen ylpeys David West (Antiloop), Berliiniläistynyt Paul Easy (After Hours) ja oma residenttimme Milla Lehto.

Bar Roomissa Deep Space Helsinki vs. FADE, eli napakkaa soundia luvassa kolmikolta J.Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki), Casper (FADE, React^) ja Boy Jorge (FADE).

Lisäksi tarjolla inspiroivaa visuaalista tulitusta Main Roomissa Vj Klaustrofobian visuaalien tahtiin ja Bar Roomissa Random photo exhibition by Anton Sucksdorff and Kimmo Syväri.

Ensimmäiset 50 Jenny Woon bileisiin saapunutta saa uuden Milla Lehdon FADE- resident mixtapen, jossa etenkin noteerattavaa että kyseessä on Millan ensimäinen mixtape monen vuoden tauon jälkeen. Joten suosittelemme saapumaan ajoissa paikalle!

Tapahtuman mahdollistaa Klaus K, Martini, Precision Audio ja Misc Management.

See you on the dance floor! 

Lisää infoa:




David West

His professional career started back in 1994 when he teamed up with Robin Söderman and formed Antiloop. The band is a household name in the Scandinavian club circuits and following the success of their debut album, "LP", the name spread fast across the global underground network with cuts such as "In My Mind", “Beauty and the Beast” and "Trespasser" fast becoming techno classics and crossing over in numerous European territories. Most of the Antiloop singles have positioned themselves at the #1 spot in the Scandinavian dance charts. Two Grammy awards (Best Club/Dance Album 1998 – LP) (Best Club/Dance Album 2001 – Fastlane People), six Swedish Dance Music awards, numerous gold and platinum records is proof that Antiloop has made a huge impact on the scene.

The first release from David West on his own was “Envy/Carrier”. It was licensed to Way Out West´s album “Don´t look now”. The track "Larry mountains 54" became one of the biggest progressive trance hits of 2005, made it to all the big compilations and was announced one of the biggest tracks of 2005 at Armin Van Buuren's show, a state of trance. His remixes has been hammered by all the big names. Last year he remixed acts as Tilt, Shiloh, Matt Darey, Inkfish Vs Martin H, Dominic Plaza, Carrie Skipper to name a few. The latest songs to be released by David is “Suffering Island” and “Make U Mine”. Both tracks have already received a warm welcome from all the big names.

David has a lot going on working under many different aliases. As De Nada, David and Andreas Hermansson have created tribal-tinged stuff for labels like Barry Gilbeys Choo Choo and Chus & Ceballos Stereo. The De Nada remix of Martin H´s “Over” was #1 on DJ Chus´s chart for several weeks amongst others.

As Inkfish vs David West, they work with Greed´s SOG-label. The first release “Aftermath” got massive support from Dj´s like Paul Van Dyk and Marco V to name a few.

As Synergy, they have taken their more progressive as well as melodic influences to another planet. Pacifier was the first track to be released. With plays from almost everybody worth mentioning it quickly became a huge success. The follow up release “Hello Strings” became one of the biggest progressive tracks of 2004.

As Audioholics, David teams up with the young talent Özgür Can. The first track from this duo “External Key” was featured on many compilations by artists such as Gabriel and Dresden and Armin Van Buuren.

Setting up his own label, Aid Recordings, with help from Andy Moor is the project closest to his heart at the moment. Already signing big names and some of the most promising undiscovered artists the world has to offer Aid Recordings is looking to a very bright future.


Paul Easy

I started playing records at the tender age of I don't remeber and after that I've been collecting records, mp3s, headphones and whatever djs need to get the job done. I've also spent enough time behind the decks to be comfortable on saying that I'm one of the most skillful techno & house djs in Finland no matter how egoistic that might sound. If you don't believe me, listen to a mix, come to my gig or spend the rest of your life thinking I'm a liar. When I'm not having a hard time writing bio, updating myspace, producing music or playing it I'm propably running my After Hours -club, the only weekly afterparty in whole Finland.


Milla Lehto

Having been involved in the club scene for several years, Milla Lehto got bitten by the DJ bug in 2000. In the summer of 2002 she launched her own monthly club night at Ever in Helsinki. Milla has also secured a residency at the legendary Pussy Club and it's 'little sister' Moist, which is the only finnish club that is hosted solely by female resident dj's. She likes to play bottom heavy house music with a healthy dose of breakbeats and electro-esque sounds thrown in for good measure. As well as being a member of the blooming Break That House -collective, Milla spins regularly at the most famous clubs throughout the country. Having been voted for the Best Upcoming DJ of 2003 in the finnish Platinum Club Awards, she is considered to be one of the leading ladies in the Finnish clubland. In 2011 Milla joins FADE as a resident dj.



Dj since 2001 when I got the chance to practice my djing skills playing records at Mbar, in Helsinki. After a year or so I was offered a residency at Mbar and took over the bookings and musical direction for the next 7 years. My style lays firmly on deep house and techno rhythms. I host a weekly radioshow Deep Space Helsinki with Samuli Kemppi every Thursday at Bassoradio 102.8 FM. Before djing I played drums and guitar in local rock/punk/artrock bands. Besides electronic music I was (and still am) influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, John Coltrane, Glenn Branca, Killing Joke, Diamanda Galas and Einstuerzende Neubauten to name a few.



Club FADE's Resident DJ.

"The first encounter to club life was at the Pussy Club on legendary Lepakko squat in helsinki 1998. During those times the excitement kept the man on the dance floor." From there I started the mad travels into the world of progressive house music. The first gigs were waited with an intense excitement. That thrill gave me the spirit to share the feelings with other people, on clubs and on records. Also I have had a huge prevlidge to playing along with same club´s as Marco Carola,Marco Bailey,Marc Romboy, Randy Catana,Oliver Koleztki, Jaydee,and finish talent´s such as Eliot Ness, Indigo, Orkidea, Mr. A, Olli S ect.

The musical style is a blend of techno, tech house, deep house, minimal and hypnotic flavors. Always trying to get the right atmosphere to the on going night.


Boy Jorge

One of the founding members and resident DJ of Club FADE.

"My first contact (and childhood trauma) to electronic music was at late 70’s. Whenever I annoyed my big bro to the edge of madness, he lifted me up to the top of the bookshelf… lights out and robot music starts to play… from the red & black coloured album called The Man-Machine. So, I’m brainwashed to electronic music and grateful for it."

Boy Jorge discoverd techno music in 1990 from Helsinki's AcidHouse -scene. Since then he has been playing records, for example at the legendary KY Exit Club and several warehouseparties. In the beginning of millenium it was time to creative break... But now The Pulsating Sound Strikes Back!